Why worry?

Have you come to a point in your life that worry after worry after worry come?, one after the other and sometimes simultaneously?

Bills to pay, things to do, works to attend to, different people to deal with, worried about loved ones who are away, health issues, relationship issues,status issues.

We feel that everday , not knowing what to do, what to decide.Then we come to an awareness that we don’t have all the control ,and that time , we give up completely.

In the first place, from the start , we should surrender everything to a Higher Power.Surrendering doesn’t weakens us, it strengthens us.

Perfect example is in Mark 14:36 ” Abba, Father, He said, everything is possible for you.Take this cupfrom me, yet not what i will,but what you will.”

Refusing to surrender tskes us away from God’s perfect plan and will for us .

Choose to give everything up!

Choose to surrender!!!!!